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Estafaluz, the website of a retiree against electricity
Estafaluz, the website of a retiree against electricity

The Spanish electricity sector cannot have a worse reputation: it charges very high prices, the State has contracted an enormous debt with it and the politicians who approve laws favorable to this industry are later hired by the electricity companies with astronomical salaries. In the midst of all this controversy stands Estafaluz, the humble website of a retiree against the electric companies that has been on the warpath since 1994.

Antonio Moreno is about an industrial engineer who affirms that he was invited to some meetings of the electricity sector to agree on a massive fraud with the accountantsHe refused to participate, and ended up fired, although he took a lot of secret documentation. With it he filed a complaint, but the courts did not agree with him.

However, since then his main task has been to discover and publicize irregularities in the industry. Moreno explains on his Estafaluz website that the scam now amounts to 11,600 million euros There he posts news, new actions and even advises Internet users to claim what they are owed

This is the appearance of Estafaluz, the simple website created by Moreno's sonto promote his work:

Estafaluz, the web of a retiree against the electric companies
Estafaluz, the web of a retiree against the electric companies

Fighting against electric companies

The truth is that Antonio Moreno dedicates himself full time to denouncing the corrupt fabric of the electric companies, in which he assures that not only Spanish politicians are included, but also also the judiciary and even some European bodiesHe knows that his struggle is complicated and that it takes time to be with his family, but he is not going to back down.

Despite the complaints she received, the truth is that her actions have already saved millions of euros to Spaniards … that suppose losses to the electric ones. On the one hand, he has the Estafaluz complaint website in which he explains all his work, but he does not hesitate to file complaints with any instance that he considers that he can help him.

His idea of ​​him is to continue fighting against what he considers a massive fraudthrough Estafaluz, but also to work in all the other possible fronts. If you go to their page, you will find a lot of interesting material, and tips to claim your money.

What do you think of Estafaluz, the website of the retiree Antonio Moreno against the electric companies? Do you support his cause, or do you think the Spanish electricity market is competitive?

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