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Offer: 500GB PlayStation 4 for 295 euros
Offer: 500GB PlayStation 4 for 295 euros

Were you looking for the perfect moment to give your child a PlayStation 4? Three Kings Day is approaching and it may be the best time if you want to get hold of a Sony console at a very interesting price. We can also take advantage of this price reduction to get a second controller or one of the latest video game hits.

The PlayStation 4 is the best-selling console in the world. The reason? The ability to play games online with incredible quality and all for free We can pay if we want for some premium access to content, but what has really made the difference is the PlayStation Network.

PlayStation 500 GB for only 295 euros on Amazon

If you were looking for a PS4 for an incredibly good price, you can't miss this sale before Three Kings Day. The Sony console has reached a minimum in Amazon's online store, dropping to a staggering 295 euros.

The regular recommended price of this console is 329 euros, so it is not surprising that existing units fly very quickly. The difference in price could also give us the possibility of getting a second controller or a new game, an excellent opportunity.

Offer: PlayStation 4 500GB for 295 euros
Offer: PlayStation 4 500GB for 295 euros

You will not have to enter any code or discount coupon to access this offer, simply access the link that I leave you at the end of the item that will take you to the Amazon online store.

If you know of a place to buy the cheapest PS4, don't hesitate to tell us about it in the comments. There may be some other offer taking advantage of this end of Christmas, so that every gamer will be able to access one of these technological wonders.

What do you think of this PlayStation 4 on sale?

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