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Casio launches its first watch with Android Wear
Casio launches its first watch with Android Wear

Casio Watches are a classic today and these devices are still being sold as they have excellent durability and resistance and last for many years. Now Casio launches into the smartwatch market and shows us its first watch with Android Wear.

With this new watch they want to gain a foothold in the saturated field of Android Wear smartwatches and we believe that Casio will have their market. This new device is manufactured to be ultraresistant and is focused for the most sporty and adventurous.

Technical characteristics of the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch has a 1.32-inch screen with the addition of a strip at the bottom that acts as a second screen of the device thanks to the double layer LED used by the display.


As we have already mentioned, it is designed for those who want to use it very intensively and Casio is not far behind since the watch can withstand a immersion in water up to 50 meters,something that the manufacturer can boast of since others cannot offer this resistance.

It is an ideal watch for all kinds of sports such as trekking, cycling or even diving since it shows the user important variables related to each of the activities that we have named.

As for sensors, we also found some surprises, as it is capable of measuring the altitude at which we are, the sunset and sunrise time, the atmospheric pressure, thecardinal points, etc.

You can also keep track of statistics comfortably from your phone thanks to the application Casio Moment Setter + which will soon be available free of charge.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Price and Availability

We still don't know its release date, although we do know that its price will be around 500 dollars. It will come in four different models.

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