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A teen receives a $2,000 bill for Wi-Fi Assist on her iPhone
A teen receives a $2,000 bill for Wi-Fi Assist on her iPhone

Has Wi-Fi Assist ring a bell in iOS? You may have read us some time on this subject and the truth is that the controversy on this issue is not precisely to give it little importance. This functionality built into iOS has caused a teenager to receive a $2,000 phone bill, after having automatically switched the terminal from her Wi-Fi network to that of data.

Apple wants to make life easier for its users and, although it may be with good intentions, very occasionally it does everything otherwise. That has been precisely what has happened with Wi-Fi Assistance in iOS, which was intended to be a way to optimize the quality of Internet connections, but which has brought a large number of users to their heads.

Your iPhone's Wi-Fi Assist takes its toll

Literally. Wi-Fi Assist on her Apple smartphone cost a young woman in San Francisco $2,000 The terminal automatically switched from the Wi-Fi network to the data, without asking you anything at any time, due to this functionality included in the latest versions of iOS, generating an increasing cost in your data rate due to excessive consumption.

Not everyone can afford an unlimited or flat rate, even if Apple thought so. Called Wi-Fi Assist in the English version of iOS, this feature automatically switches between Wi-Fi and data connection, depending on the speed of both and of some factors of which we do not have more details.

The young woman, unaware of what was happening on her iPhone, generated a consumption of about 144 GB over a month, assuming you were connected via your home Wi-Fi network. The disgust at seeing the fracture, of course, was monumental.

A teen receives a $2,000 bill for Wi-Fi Assist on her iPhone
A teen receives a $2,000 bill for Wi-Fi Assist on her iPhone

There are opinions for all tastes. Since it was operator's fault for not warning or not imposing a limit on consumption, until Apple should never have added this functionality by default to iOS devices. No matter who's fault, I recommend you deactivate it to prevent this from happening again.

Here is an article on how to turn off Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9.

What do you think of this topic? Who was at fault?

Via: CBSNews

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