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WhatsApp will not close or charge for using it
WhatsApp will not close or charge for using it

The Christmas holidays are over, however, the WhatsApp threads like "WhatsApp is going to close and it will cost you money", they keep expanding. The latter begins by saying that he is Alex Brettan, the director of WhatsApp… and that it is Thursday, and that they are warned by hotmail that from now on the use of WhatsApp will cost money, but to avoid it, you must send the chain to your contacts and as a prize it will be free and you will see your icon in blue, red, green… the best thing is that you see it.

New WhatsApp chain 2016

New year, new string. We already have another WhatsApp chain with us that we don't like a bit, because it is clear that what it says is not true. This WhatsApp chain that "if you don't pay it will cost you money", is the one we see in the following image:

WhatsApp will not close or charge for using it
WhatsApp will not close or charge for using it

In this chain they take advantage of the collapse of WhatsApp messages at the end of the year to say that for this reason it will now cost money, due to congestion of the servers.

The chain tells us that we would have changes in WhatsApp, but to avoid paying or running out of service, we would have to do the following:

  1. Send the chain to 18 contacts to have WhatsApp for free and the icon in blue.
  2. Send the chain to 9 contacts and the logo will turn green.
  3. Send the chain to 10 contacts to show WhatsApp that we use the service, and the logo will turn red.
  4. Send the chain to 15 contacts to have stickers.

This alleged WhatsApp update would take place from 11:00 p.m. tonight until 05:00 a.m.. And tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in the afternoon WhatsApp will be closed, and if you have not done all this on time, you will have to pay for the messages or be left without the service.

It is clear that we are dealing with a chain in which everything is a lie. It is full of contradictions on all sides and what it tells us makes no sense.

WhatsApp would never notify changes by strings

We will not have to pay for WhatsApp as they tell us, since WhatsApp will not notify us of these changes by a chain. In the event that it happened in the future, they would launch an official statement, not chains that users begin to expand to pass the time.

If you receive this chain, don't worry, tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. you won't be left without WhatsApp The service It will continue as normal, as it has been doing so far. If we have future changes in the service, surely we find out in a different way, and much more serious.

What do you think of this WhatsApp chain? Have you received it on your mobile? Remember to alert your friends and not to bite the trap, much less send it as SMS.

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