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Motorola will cease to exist as such
Motorola will cease to exist as such

Motorola is a mythical company in the world of telephony, which has passed through the hands of Google, to end up being owned by the Chinese brand Lenovo. Well, now comes the news of Motorola will cease to exist as such, the brand will no longer be used in the future for mobile products from the popular manufacturer.

Lenovo indicated at the time that it was interested in the brand but, a couple of years later, has changed its mind. Motorola will continue to be used at a corporate level, but not as a final product name Anyway, it's not like the word Motorola was very present in current marketing either.

From now on, the names that will be used will be Moto by Lenovo and the name Vibe. The first for the most advanced models, and the second for the simplest. The firm's "M"-shaped logo, however, will continue to be used. The change will be gradual, so it may still take a few months for it to become effective.

Lenovo stays cautious keeping in mind the term Moto, which has gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to phones like the Moto G and Moto X, or the Moto 360 smartwatch.

Motorola will cease to exist as such
Motorola will cease to exist as such

Motorola thinks nothing changes

In any case, Motorola claims that it had been abandoning its own name for some time, specifically since 2013. Really, what many of us called "Motorola Moto G" for the manufacturer it was simply "Moto G".

Another issue is the Vive brand, which is unknown to Western consumers. It is clear that Lenovo will have to work to popularize it, or else its lower-end models may find themselves in a difficult situation.

So Motorola will cease to exist as such, and will now be Moto by Lenovo or Vibe. But, really, we've already seen that the company has been downplaying its name for some time, so the change will be little traumatic.

What do you think of this change? Will you miss the Motorola brand, or have you gotten used to the name "Moto"?

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