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Windows will have its own SIM card
Windows will have its own SIM card

It's really inconvenient to run out of Wi-Fi connectivity on your PC, but Microsoft might be on the way to fix it, because it looks like Windows will have its own SIM cardIt will allow us to connect through a mobile network without a contract or commitments, just buying prepaid data vouchers.

The existence of the Microsoft SIM has not been officially confirmed, and the company has not provided details. But it has been discovered because the Cellular Data app has been uploaded to the Windows Store, in charge of managing the use of this special SIM in Windows.

The operation seems very simple: we must buy the data plan that interests us, without having to establish a relationship with an operator. It should be noted that the Cellular Data app is intended for Windows 10 computers and tablets, at the moment it does not appear to be targeting Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

The idea is similar to Apple SIM, but the number of Windows devices with cellular connectivity is small. On the other hand, the data consumption of many programs for Windows 10 can be a problem with limited plans.

Windows will have its own SIM card
Windows will have its own SIM card

Microsoft SIM, a virtual mobile operator?

The data we buy in the Windows Store is associated with our Microsoft account, but the company will need partners between the operators to offer coverage. In that sense, it sounds like the idea of ​​SIM for Windows could transform Microsoft into a virtual mobile operator. In other words, it would use the infrastructure of other companies to offer data services.

Actually, Microsoft has not confirmed anything at the moment about its SIM for Windows. We do not know the prices and although it seems that the service will reach several countries, we do not know which ones. Of course, uploading the Cellular Data app to the Windows Store has raised many questions, but also raised expectations.

So Windows will have its own SIM card not associated with an operator, and Microsoft could end up becoming the company that provides us with connectivity. Undoubtedly, a daring and interesting initiative.

What do you think about Windows having its own SIM card? Would you buy a Microsoft SIM, or would you prefer to work with a conventional operator?

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