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YouTube will support videos with HDR
YouTube will support videos with HDR

It is clear that YouTube is one of the most popular content providers on the Internet, and it even bets on its own paid exclusives. Well, now it has been announced that YouTube will support videos with HDR, a new technology that will improve image quality.

It has just been confirmed by Robert Kyncl, a YouTube executive, who has indicated that HDR will soon be coming to the platform. It is not something that should surprise us, because Amazon and Netflix are also working on this functionality, which is becoming very fashionable. In fact, more and more TV manufacturers are adopting it.

HDR is a system that improves the contrast of images: blacks are blacker, and whites are brighter. In this way the video gains in detail and spectacularity. This means using a wider color space, so the required connection speed increases.

HDR has become very popular in recent times, almost always hand in hand with 4K resolution. Manufacturers work on the hardware, but it is necessary that the contents also adapt to enjoy the technology.

YouTube will support videos with HDR
YouTube will support videos with HDR

Time to change monitors

The HDR of YouTube will be of little use to us if our monitor or television is not adapted for it. In addition, HDR is almost always associated with 4K, so to take advantage of this system we will almost certainly have to change the monitor.

In any case, the truth is that this is not a formal announcement No further details have been provided on how the technology will be implemented, what requirements it will have or what results we can expect, so we will have to wait for Google to provide additional information.

YouTube will support videos with HDR, which is clearly the future of video for years to come. The truth is that lately it has been striving for quality, offering up to 8K resolution, so this step was logical. Streaming is getting better every time!

What do you think about YouTube adopting the HDR format? Do you see it as useful, or does it seem too minority technology for the moment?

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