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IPhone 7 will exceed the price of 1,000 euros
IPhone 7 will exceed the price of 1,000 euros

The rumors about the next iPhone 7 don't stop and there are still months left for this device to arrive. Certainly not all of them are easy to believe, such as that it will self-repair after getting wet. What does seem viable is that Apple overcomes the barrier of 1,000 euros with the price of the iPhone 7

As we already know, the current iPhone 6s is left with a storage of up to 128GB in its standard version, not the Plus. Its price is 969.00 euros, but it still does not exceed a thousand, although it is for the 5.5-inch version.

With the new iPhone 7 a 256GB version is expected and this will cause its price to rise again until it overcomes the incredible barrier of 1.000 euros for a phone. Thus, in dollars the 256GB iPhone 7 would remain at $1,149 and in all probability it will become a minimum 1,149 euros Without counting some strange rise in Europe, for supposed.

And we are talking about the iPhone 7, not the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB, on which we expect an even higher price, another 100 euros more approximately.

iPhone 7 will exceed the price of 1,000 euros
iPhone 7 will exceed the price of 1,000 euros

Apple is capable of selling a 1,000-euro phone

That yes, despite everything, the sales of the iPhone 7 let's not think that they will be scarce, quite the contrary. We are at the beginning of the year and it is generating incredible expectations.

It remains to be seen if the 256GB version is finally confirmed and its obviously higher price, setting a new record for Apple and the mobile phone market. All this without counting on a increase in price of the editions with less storage capacity.

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