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Instagram is filled with spam from adult accounts
Instagram is filled with spam from adult accounts

Maybe you haven't noticed but lately something is happening within Instagram. A team of people from a well-known security company have noticed that Instagram is getting filled with spam from adult accounts.

If you have noticed that in recent weeks you have wanted to add unknown people without a photo or, on the contrary, they have shown interest in your photos or have even commented on your posts, it is probably one of thosespam accounts.

Increase in spam

Symantec has detected that more and more adult accounts appear lately, so it is quite easy for users to click and access links or images that have those profiles and whose sites may contain viruses and others.

Instagram is full of spam from adult accounts
Instagram is full of spam from adult accounts

All these accounts promote access to other websites with adult content and therefore they are spamming and earning money at the same time thanks to affiliates.

But things don't stop there since there are also accounts of other types and that is that you can find profiles offering jewelry and even various technical services.

How to recognize spam accounts

These accounts follow at least 3 differentiating patterns with respect to the others and are the following:

1. This account shows only a photo, a link and a short bio.

two. The second type of account is the same as the previous one but shows many more photos, usually stolen from other Instagram profiles.

3. It shows ad-images which are shown in a single image divided into small squares.

Have you come across any of these spam accounts?

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