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Facebook Messenger is officially coming to Mac OS X
Facebook Messenger is officially coming to Mac OS X

Recently we told you about the success that Facebook Messenger has had this past year 2015, which has already exceeded 800 million users and is on its way to equaling WhatsApp, but that's not all, since you could have an extra boost in no time. The blue giant could be developing an official Facebook Messenger app for Mac with OS X, good news for users of the bitten apple who were forced to use a third-party browser or application to be able to have conversations with your contacts.

Facebook is expanding and wants to access all devices that can support its services. To maintain control over both the security of the accounts and the content that its users see, the social network maintains a large number of official applications simultaneously for the different operating systems. It looks like OS X will be the next target.

Facebook Messenger is coming to Macs with OS X El Capitan

Through TechCrunch we have been able to learn some good news for Mac owners. If you have a profile on the social network Facebook, you will be happy to know that very soon you could be using theofficial Facebook Messenger application for OS X , with which you can have conversations with your contacts without the need for a browser.

Facebook Messenger is officially coming to Mac OS X
Facebook Messenger is officially coming to Mac OS X

As we can see in the photo above, a Facebook employee would be using this application on his own personal computer of the bitten apple, something that has created thousands of speculations and rumors.

There are numerous alternatives for Mac with which we can use Facebook Messenger, but the truth is that we do miss an official app for this functionalityThe social giant changes its services every so often and adds others, so third-party apps quickly become outdated, much to the chagrin of users.

Facebook has refused to answer questions on this topic, but it's no wonder it's leveraging its popularity and power to reach more far than ever A desktop app for Mac is just the tip of the iceberg.

What do you think about Facebook publishing an official app for Facebook Messenger?

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