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Create your own "Be Like Jose"
Create your own "Be Like Jose"

It's been a while since we introduced you to "Be Smart, Be Like Joe," the new Facebook viral, and now we'll show you how to generate a personalized version of this prank to share with your friends. Let's see how to create your own "Be like José" in a simple and free way.

For those who are not familiar with these popular memes, they consist of a text that denounces a bad practice, and gives as an example someone who does not carry it out. The end of the text always ends with "Be intelligent/José is intelligent, be like José", together with a schematic drawing of the character.

In principle, the idea is that the viral has a certain grace, as in this case:

Create your own "Be like Jose"
Create your own "Be like Jose"

This phenomenon is becoming very popular, and on Facebook it does not stop appearing on the walls of millions of users. Well, now you can create your own version of "Be like José", but with your name and photo.

How to do a "Be like Jose" with LindoTest

We have already seen that tests have become a very popular phenomenon on Facebook, and one of the pages dedicated to it is LindoTest. In this case, it allows us to generate a "Be like José" in a simple and free way.

In the link that we leave you at the bottom of the article you must connect with your Facebook account, but don't worry, nothing will be published without your permission A version of "Be Like Joe" will then be created with a random predefined phrase, but using your name and profile picture.

Here's an example of one we generated ourselves and uploaded to Facebook:

Create your own "Be like Jose"
Create your own "Be like Jose"

Obviously, after you create it you can easily share it. If you don't like the assigned phrase, it's possible to change it to another at random, although there aren't too many options either. In any case, it is a fun and original idea.

So now you know how to create your own "Be Like Jose" to upload to Facebook. Of course, a fun way to provoke all kinds of reactions on the social network, since our publication will surely attract our friends' attention.

What do you think of this alternative to design your personalized version of "Be like José"? Are you going to cheer up, or are you not too amused by the popular viral?

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