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IPhone 5e, the future 4-inch iPhone
IPhone 5e, the future 4-inch iPhone

New information about a smaller iPhone than those currently on the market. Everything indicates that Apple could be planning to launch soon the iPhone 5e, the future 4-inch iPhone.

Apparently could replace the current four-inch iPhone 5S that came out back in 2013 and therefore would become the only terminals Apple to have this screen size. Therefore we would have 4-inch, 5-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones on the market, covering the entire market of phone sizes.

iPhone 5e would be a mid-range phone

From the information that is known, the new iPhone 5e would have a place within the mid-range The technical characteristics would be appropriate for a terminals in the range, so the iPhone 5e would have an A8 processor, 1 Gb of RAM memory and modalities of 16 and 64 Gb of internal storage.

iPhone 5e, the future 4-inch iPhone
iPhone 5e, the future 4-inch iPhone

In terms of design, it is possibly quite similar to the iPhone 5S, although there is also talk of possible changes to the screen as you have on the current iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Of course it seems that it would also bring the service Apple Pay and pay with your cards from the terminal or even also4G/LTE connectivity despite being a phone with these characteristics.

Possible names and prices

There is also speculation about the name, since a rumor has appeared that it may be called iPhone 6C or eveniPhone 7C , although it has gained strength that we are talking about today, the iPhone 5e.

The price of the new iPhone 5e would be around 500 dollars and it would already be inside the Foxconn production factory to launch, if all goes well, in March.

What do you think of the future iPhone 5e?

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