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"Many afternoons and good thanks", the viral video that is only a montage
"Many afternoons and good thanks", the viral video that is only a montage

A matter of hours for the alleged failure of Mariano Rajoy to spread through social networks. The “Muchas tardes y buenas gracias" has already achieved more than 2 million views on Vine.

The truth is that Rajoy was not really wrong this time. It is a montage by Alberto González, editor of “El Intermedio”, that is, it is handles the Wyoming show's doctored videos. There will even be many, it will not be the first time they have seen him, he already appeared on the program last night. In any case, the RTs are insured.

Despite everything, Rajoy is already Trending Topic with his "many afternoons and good thanks", a phrase that luckily this time we cannot attribute But for the moment it continues to be a phrase that many will believe that he actually uttered, thus being yet another common mistake.

Twitter was quick to respond

Twitter users have not been slow to express the most famous phrase of the last hours, "many afternoons and good thanks." The tweets, memes and comments spread throughout the social network.

So thanks on the same has been the laugh this afternoon and probably will continue to be, whether true or not, your good humor has.

Neither can it be said that Rajoy was not wrong in his legislature years as president. Hence this manipulation by González for the “El Intermedio” program.

It would only remain to be seen if Rajoy responds to his Trending Topic based on a humorous manipulated video.

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