Play&Pizza, Telepizza's entertainment platform
Play&Pizza, Telepizza's entertainment platform

Play&Pizza is new from Telepizza. As of January 15, the multinational pizzeria chain of Spanish origin launches a new entertainment platform.

Thus, this promotion will allow Telepizza customers to enjoy entertainment while savoring their pizza. To do this, thanks to a code that will be delivered together with the order, they will be able to access the Play&Pizza website.

The content that we can enjoy for free on the web includes films, series, monologues, concerts and gamesAt the moment we do not know if it will allow you to choose or each code has an associated content. We understand that each code will allow us to consume content that we find on the platform. In addition, each order offers a new code, so every day we can explore and view new content

In any case, it will always be a good plan to enjoy free content. In addition, the Telepizza entertainment platform will be compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones.

It will be necessary to see where the content comes from and if it has sufficient quality for the user. Certainly this platform will compete with Netflix and the like during the promotion. Of course, exclusively for Telepizza customers.

Play&Pizza, the Telepizza entertainment platform
Play&Pizza, the Telepizza entertainment platform

From January 15 to March 7 Play&Pizza is expected to be operating. If the experiment works, it would not be surprising that they continue to offer content to customers, since they have surely been based on a clear user demand.

It only remains to be seen if the content offer is up to the task for users, but the idea of ​​ Play&Pizza sounds like a very experiment promising.

Update: Telepizza has postponed the opening of Play&Pizza several times

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