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WhatsApp's "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian
WhatsApp's "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian

Paella is a typical Valencian dish and, although it admits many ingredients, not all of them comply with the tradition. Now the WhatsApp "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian, because it risks becoming an emoji that represents an unorthodox version of the dish. A sacrilege for some!

Some time ago we knew that the paella emoji was going to reach WhatsApp, thanks to a campaign by the Valencian comedian Eugeni Alemany and the rice brand La Fallera. They managed to convince the Unicode organization to add the icon to the new version of the standard, but now unexpected issues arise.

Although it seems almost certain that paella will arrive on WhatsApp in 2016 (along with other new emojis), it may not be the purest recipe. According to tradition, it should include chicken, rabbit, ferraura (bean) and garrofón (a type of bean) No, no type of shellfish is part of the original version, although prawns and prawns are added frequently.

The original icon proposed to Unicode is fully respectful of the purest recipe, check it out:

WhatsApp's "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian
WhatsApp's "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian

Now, the popular website Emojipedia has produced a recreation of the paella icon, which it has called Shallow Pan Of Food, and it does not fit what many expected. It includes prawns (maybe prawns) and peas, which should not be part of this dish.

This is the new design of the PaellaEmoji that is already beginning to circulate through the networks:

WhatsApp's "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian
WhatsApp's "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian

Actions against the new recipe

It is feared that this design will be used as an example for the final version of PaellaEmoji Actually, Unicode does not impose a specific drawing, but it does indicates that rice should be rendered with peas and prawns, it is clear that WhatsApp (or other developers) is not going to bother to correct the error, and that many Valencians will be upset.

For this reason, La Fallera has called an event on Twitter on January 25, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., to exert pressure during the meeting in which these emojis have to be approved. Let's hope it works!

So WhatsApp's "PaellaEmoji" wants to be Valencian, but we are not sure if it will succeed. For too many people, paella is associated with shellfish and peas, so it is likely that Unicode is more concerned with pleasing the general public than respecting the Valencian tradition.

What do you think of PaellaMoji? Do you prefer the original recipe, or are you not too picky about what a paella should contain?

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