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Tinder rates users with a "degree of desirability"
Tinder rates users with a "degree of desirability"

Tinder is an application that you will find on Google Play and the AppStore and that is used to get dates with other people. Although it can work well or badly when looking for dates, the truth is that it has just been revealed that Tinder scores users with a degree of desirability.

That is, said algorithm is invisible to the user but works by assessing our attractiveness to search for people similar to us and succeed in dating. This has been explained by a person in which he comments that he did not know of the existence of this mechanism in the app either.

Very complicated algorithm

This system that scores users according to the degree of desirability is based on a mathematical method called Elo, a rather complex subject that is used in the game of chess. Basically, what this mechanism does is measure the desire that we arouse in other people and not so much in terms of physical aspects.

This would find you dates with people with your “same attractiveness” and exclude those people who do not have a profile like the one you has your.

Tinder scores users with a "degree of desirability"
Tinder scores users with a "degree of desirability"

At the moment Tinder has not commented on whether or not this actually exists, although best of all, it remains something hidden and users do not have access to it.

Even if the algorithm comes to light, many users may abandon the dating app which at the moment is in good he alth since it currently It is used by more than 10 million people daily.

It is possible that the fact of knowing how attractive you are you may like it or not, what is clear is that for now you can rest easy because Tinder has not ruled on the matter.

What would you think if this mechanism for measuring your attractiveness really existed?

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