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Facebook now allows you to report photos of bullfights
Facebook now allows you to report photos of bullfights

The debate on bullfighting seems to have also reached Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's social network, the most used by all kinds of people with different ideologies, allow from now on, report pictures of bullfights or other related activities. This measure has caused great controversy among fans of this activity, who publicly expose their protests on the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg has created a multicultural social network, in which thousands of different tastes, political and religious ideas are concentrated, but it seems that in certain aspects it is not going to give in. One of them seems to be focused on the mistreatment of animals and the dissemination of it through their social platform.

Facebook censors photos of bullfights

The controversy has arisen from the bullfighting website mundotoro The popular page for fans of bullfighting has started a protest over the The inclusion of complaints against this activity on Facebook, which has quickly set social networks on fire and has revived the debate between supporters and opponents of these practices

As we have been able to verify, when " Report photo", in the "I think it should not be on Facebook" section, it appears the following pop-up box:

Facebook now allows you to report photos of bullfights
Facebook now allows you to report photos of bullfights

As we can see, " hunts or bullfights" is clearly specified, something that has infuriated lovers of these activities. This small fact will separate two very different sectors of society, something that until now had never happened in the social giant.

The controversy is just beginning and it is that from now on, anyone can denounce these types of photographs, which, if accepted, could even lead to the elimination of the page or author profile.

Mark Zuckerberg has always wanted to "bring together" and not "separate" his users, but it seems that the company also has the right to give their opinion on what content they accept or not in their domains. We will have to wait to find out what happens with this issue and if finally, all the complaints about bullfighting activities are approved or not.

What do you think about Facebook reporting photos of bullfights?

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