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Facebook reactions reach more users
Facebook reactions reach more users

Facebook little by little is testing the reactions, the “I don't like it”, in all countries. Firstly, Ireland and Spain tested this new functionality. It seems to have been successful enough that more users have the option.

Countries like Chile, Portugal and the Philippines are also lucky enough to try the Facebook reaction experiment during the month of November. And now it seems that it is Japan's turn, so the number of users who have the emojis that serve as a reaction is even greater.

Of course, curiously, countries like the United States and the United Kingdom still haven't seen Facebook's reactions, although they have seen other news. And furthermore, there is still no definitive release date.

As we already know in Spain, we will have a thumbs up, a heart, a laughing face, another simply happy, a surprised face, one that shows sadness and one that is angry With these emojis we can express ourselves more than just a “like” or “like”.

Facebook reactions reach more users
Facebook reactions reach more users

Reactions for all and not for all

Now the reactions are spreading to more countries, but there are still users in Spain, among other countries, who still do not have this novelty. We don't really know why, but Facebook tests seem to be limited to number of users as well.

We will have to wait until finally reactions stop being an experiment and reach the whole world as a functionality incorporated into the social network. The “likes” on Facebook will change from then on with these much more expressive emojis.

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