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Alrawi, ISIS's encrypted WhatsApp
Alrawi, ISIS's encrypted WhatsApp

Unfortunately, technology is often used for evil purposes, and now we find an app called Alrawi, which can be consider ISIS encrypted WhatsApp It is a program similar to WhatsApp or Telegram, but it has been specifically designed for terrorists to carry out their most sensitive communications.

Yes, we already know that WhatsApp now uses a secure communication system, but terrorists don't trust it. For a while they used Telegram a lot, but its developers began to close accounts and details were even discovered regarding some of the users. So now it seems that have created Alrawi as an encrypted messaging app

This has been discovered by GhostSec, a group of hacker activists fighting online terrorism. The official ISIS news app was introduced to us some time ago, and now it seems to have a new version, to which a communication system has been added WhatsApp style.

They comment that the app is very simple, they have nothing to do with commercial programs. But ISIS trusts its encryption, so it uses it for the most sensitive topics. Of course, for propaganda they maintain Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Alrawi, the encrypted WhatsApp of ISIS
Alrawi, the encrypted WhatsApp of ISIS

Alrawi, encrypted terrorist communication

However, GhostSec advises that in certain cases ISIS is opting for offline communicationIt is evident that on the net they are watched by groups as large as Anonymous. Therefore, Alrawi is a safe option, but not the only one available to you.

Obviously, now the goal is to compromise Alrawi, ISIS's encrypted WhatsApp There are no details regarding its security, so no We know to what extent it is difficult to access communications. Apparently, they use an installer called alrawi.apk to distribute the program, and GhostSec may be able to make progress if it gets hold of a copy.

However, it is not clear to what extent the statements of this group are useful We do not know if the security agencies knew about Alrawi. If so, GhostSec has hindered its work. Otherwise, it has put them on the right track to fight ISIS communications.

What do you think of Alrawi, the encrypted WhatsApp of ISIS? Do you think it's really secure, or that law enforcement will probably be able to access it?

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