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Your7minutes, discover the new speed dating by videoconference
Your7minutes, discover the new speed dating by videoconference

In Spain they are not very popular, but surely you have seen speed dating sessions in the movies. They consist of going to a bar and having several short conversations with interesting people, looking for one that we like. Well now Your7minutes presents you with the new speed dating by videoconference A very interesting idea!

Tus7minutos is a web platform to organize appointments between singles Through a video call, a conversation of exactly 7 minutes is possible to meet the another person. At the end of the appointment, if both interlocutors have been satisfied, the page provides them with their personal data so that they can continue in contact.

Of course, a system like this needs a certain organization, so timetables are established so that all users connect at the same time. It is possible to sign up in advance, and we can decide if we want to meet men or women, establish age criteria and choose the province in which we live.

Speed ​​dating, but personal

Of course, this is a much more personal alternative to profile-based dating apps. In Tus7minutos we have a speed date, it's true, but at least we see the other person's face by videoconference In general, speed dating works very well to find a partner or meet new single friends.

Your7minutes, discover the new speed dating by videoconference
Your7minutes, discover the new speed dating by videoconference

The normal cost of each session is 1 euro, although we have discount packs. Depending on the number of users signed up for that day, we can meet up to 10 singles. In any case, when testing the service we have verified that right now enough credits are being given away to new users.

Videoconference with moderators

Although Tus7minutos works on mobile devices, Apple devices are not currently compatible. But any computer or Android mobile will be. In addition, we can communicate by text chat if we feel like it, and the moderation team keeps an eye on there is no inappropriate behavior There is even a "test mode" to make sure that our webcam will work on the actual date.

With Your7minutes speed dating by videoconference is easy. Of course, this is a very interesting idea, which is inspired by the importance of face to face, and adapts it to today's world. So we leave you the link to the page at the end of the article, so that you can start in the world of speed dating on the Internet.

What do you think of this type of speed dating? Are you going to meet singles on the Internet with Your7Minutes, or are you not convinced by the idea of ​​video conferencing?

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