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The most common unlock patterns on Android
The most common unlock patterns on Android

Whether you use an Android or iOS phone, it is quite possible that you have a lock pattern assigned to it so that no one can look at what you have on your phone. One of the most used is the pattern and today we are going to show you the most common unlock patterns on Android.

As you already know, there are several types of possibility to block our phone, among which is the PIN or evenour footprint , something that is becoming more and more fashionable as it is one of the safest methods and that manufacturers are increasingly implementing on their phones.

The most used patterns

Another method is to use a pattern and this blocking option basically consists of making a drawing through the union of dots with dashes. You can create a very easy and very complicated pattern, and that depends on each person.

The drawback of this method is that if you forget which "figure" you used to unlock your phone and especially if it was complicated, it will be quite difficult for you to unlock the smartphone.

Although there are truly many combinations, people always opt for the easy, fast and something they can always remember.

As we already mentioned there are many possibilities of patterns, but the most common are the following:

1. 44% of the people who use the pattern as an unlock start their figure from the point on the top left. With this, for example, you could draw the letter L.

two. 77% always start the pattern from some corner,so you could do the letter S or the number 5.

3. More than half of people use at least 5 stitches or more in their new pattern.

The most common unlock patterns on Android
The most common unlock patterns on Android

4. As usual too, people prefer things that are easy to remember and the letters of the alphabet are quite common.

5. Numbers can also be drawn, such as 7, 4, or even 3.

6. Various figures such as a square, a triangle, an hourglass, etc. The box is the most used combination followed by the letter Z.

We recommend you to create a safe and complicated pattern,and using more than 8 points to join is a good option. But then remember how it was because you will always use it to unlock your terminal until you change it for another.

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