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The 10 most powerful mobile phones of 2015
The 10 most powerful mobile phones of 2015

At the end of 2015, some interesting statistics and studies are published that allow us to know details of previously unseen smartphones. A few days ago the list of the 10 most powerful mobile phones of 2015 was released.

One of the main mobile applications to know the performance that terminals are capable of offering is AnTuTu. We are sure that you have heard talk more than once about this app, but now with the update to version 6 important changes have been seen.

iOS enters AnTuTu

Perhaps one of the highlights of the new version of this software is finally the inclusion of the iOS operating system and that means that from now on you will see benchmarks of iPhones.

The arrival of iOS to AnTuTu could not have been better and it is that among the list of the 10 most powerful mobiles of the year 2015 there are two Apple terminals, the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6S Plus. But the most spectacular thing is that the iPhone 6S Plus takes first place.

The 10 most powerful mobiles of 2015
The 10 most powerful mobiles of 2015

This first place achieved by the iPhone 6S Plus pulverizes the entire score of Android terminals seen so far and rises with no less than 13260 points, a score that almost doubles, for example, that achieved for the Nexus 6P.

In second place and far behind the iPhone is the new Huawei Mate 8 introduced recently, followed by theMeizu Pro 5 , on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + The complete list is as follows:

1. iPhone 6S Plus: 132620 points.

two. Huawei Mate 8: 92746 points.

3. Meizu Pro 5: 86214 points.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 5: 83364 points.

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +: 82087 points.

6. iPhone 6 Plus: 80554 points.

7. OnePlus 2: 79747 points.

8. Letv 1 Pro: 79624 points.

9. Xiaomi Note Pro: 79903 points.

10. Nexus 6P: 78381 points.

What do you think of the first place of the iPhone 6S Plus rising as the most powerful terminal of the year 2015?

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