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Kickass Torrents crashes several times
Kickass Torrents crashes several times

Having trouble accessing Kickass Torrent ? It is possible that you are not the only one and you should not worry because it seems that has been down several times due to a DDoS attack,an attack that does not allow access to properly the Web.

For a few hours there are some users who have seen that Kickass Torrents is down, although it starts working again to make it inoperative again. For now, the origin of the attack is unknown, but those responsible are working to solve the problems as soon as possible.

Several attacks in recent days

The attack suffered today by Kickass Torrens that has left the web inaccessible is not new since these days ago the torrent web has suffered several attackssimilar ones that have also caused the same problem as today.

Kickass Torrents crashes multiple times
Kickass Torrents crashes multiple times

As we have already mentioned, the Kickass Torrent team is working around the clock to make the website work as well as possible and is redirecting everything to the DNS servers to try to solve the problem.

At this time of night we have verified that we can access it,but we have tried it minutes later and the simple web keeps loading a couple of seconds until it lets you in.

If you see that when you use it it hangs at some point, don't worry because it is a problem of the DDoS attack that the website has suffered, which is being restored.

Have you had access problems or crashes on the Kickass Torrent website today and in the last few days? Leave us your comment.

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