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Instagram will tell you if you follow each other
Instagram will tell you if you follow each other

A rather interesting functionality is coming for Instagram that we have already seen in another social network. Instagram will tell you if you and another contact follow each other.

It's not something new since we already enjoy this utility on Twitter, where we can find out if someone doesn't follow or isn't accessing the profile of one of our followers. You can easily see the word “follows you”, which means that this contact is following you.

Feature in tests

At the moment it has not reached Spain, unless we have seen it. As can be seen in the photograph, the utility is available in English and would let you know if some of your friends on Instagram follow you or not.

Instagram will tell you if you follow each other
Instagram will tell you if you follow each other

If by chance you want to test if the functionality is available on your phone, access the search engine, click to search and then click on the “people” tab. If you search for one of your contacts, you should see if they follow you or not, if it doesn't appear that they are still not available.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting utility that would further complete the features we have on Instagram, although it could lead to the occasional annoyance or annoyance in users who do not want to know if they have unfollowed a contact or not.

As we have already commented, on Twitter you can already know it, although it is not possible to know at what specific moment they stopped following you a follower, so if you have many who follow you, it will be difficult to determine who does not want to know anything else about you.

The above could also be applied to Instagram and therefore it could be the case that, contrary to what happens on Twitter, we can know which people stop following us and when. We will have to see what finally happens.

How about the possibility of knowing who unfollows you on Instagram?

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