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A youtuber gets 50,000 followers overnight
A youtuber gets 50,000 followers overnight

Something very strange has happened with a new YouTuber. In less than 48 hours he has obtained 50,000 real followers on his video platform account, but without the authorization of said subscribers, causing great uncertainty among users and revolutionizing the networks. "This is Julio", alias of the channel targeted by thousands of users, currently has 45,000 real followers on YouTube and 13,000 on Twitter

Until not too long ago, YouTube did not strictly penalize members who used "bots" or automated machines to generate views on a channel, but since it has become in a possible life form, this has totally changed. The case of "This is Julio" seems out of the ordinary.

Get 50,000 real followers on your YouTube channel

We don't know how he did it and the creator of the channel doesn't seem to have any intention of explaining it either. Twitter user @thisisjulioyt has obtained in less than two days what many people take years to achieve: 50,000 followers on YouTube.

A youtuber gets 50,000 followers overnight
A youtuber gets 50,000 followers overnight

According to ThisIsJulio, is conducting an "experiment" with his new channel and subscribers, for which he may have obtained illegitimately this amount of followers in such a short interval of time.

A youtuber gets 50,000 followers overnight
A youtuber gets 50,000 followers overnight

As we can see in a conversation on his account, he practically acknowledges having bought or manipulated those followers, although he has not even clarified how nor why.

How did you get 50,000 YouTube followers?

There are several ways a YouTuber can gain a large following on the social video giant. Let's review each of the methods you could have followed ThisIsJuly to get it:

  1. Real views and followers: Viral content from millions of users, of whom almost 50,000 subscribed to the channel. We know for sure that this is not the case and that it is highly unlikely, based on the views of the other videos.
  2. Purchased Subscribers: This might be the best option, but the weirdest part is that these "new followers" actually exist They are real accounts. The majority of purchased subscribers are fake profiles created from software or a network of users in order to increase visits, a fact popularly known as "using a bot", but in this case the subscribers exist and are real. bone.
  3. Use a rootkit or trojan: This might be an option, though the chances are reduced due to its complexity. You should have a large "botnet" of malware-infected users that you can control to increase your subscribers to such numbers.

We will have to wait to clarify the matter. At the moment YouTube has not sanctioned the channel "ThisIsJulio" and it seems that its author has no intention of explaining how he did it either.

Meanwhile, hard-earned YouTubers are against what happened to this YouTuber and don't seem too happy that YouTube didn't sanction the user.

What do you think about this YouTuber getting 50,000 followers in less than two days?

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