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KB3124263 update for Windows 10 fails for some users
KB3124263 update for Windows 10 fails for some users

A new problem in updates comes to Windows 10. This time it was the update KB3124263 that caused the stir, and it is that the measures taken by Microsoft about not reporting the changes introduced in each version, causes users not to know what went wrong when trying to install it The popularity of the latest operating system from the Redmond giant may also turn negative if they don't change this soon.

Windows does not report the content of most updates it performs automatically. Initially, this measure could have been taken to protect the security of users, making things more difficult for possible attackers, although in cases like this, where the KB3124263 update fails, we don't even have the slightest indication of what has happened

Update KB3124263: Issues in Windows 10

Windows 10 has become one of the most popular operating systems in the world in a very short time. The hard work of the Insider community, in perfect harmony with that of Microsoft development, has created a reliable, simple and relatively safe operating system.

Not all is shining bright in Windows 10 paradise though, as the latest update, KB3124263, like many others before it, causes problems and we don't know why Microsoft's decision not to inform users about what each new package contains also makes it more difficult to find a way to fix bugs.

KB3124263 update for Windows 10 fails for some users
KB3124263 update for Windows 10 fails for some users

Many users are reporting problems with this latest installation, which doesn't give any sort of "what went wrong" message or tell us allows you to repair it by any means.

Some members of the Insider community have tried to install the update several times, without any positive results and even to disable the firewall and antivirus, in case it was the passive cause of the problem, but also without success.

We will be aware of what happens with this new Windows 10 update, but for now we recommend not installing the patch KB3124263 to avoid any kind of problem, at least until an official answer or patch is provided that fixes it.

Have you had problems with Windows 10 update KB3124263?

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