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WhatsApp is now free forever and for everyone
WhatsApp is now free forever and for everyone

We can finally shout to the world: WhatsApp is free! Yes, surely many times your family or friends have asked you to you help them pay for the subscription to the service through iTunes or Google Play, but that is now a thing of the past. WhatsApp has officially announced that will be free for all users and also that it will not incorporate advertising.

Many times we have seen tricks to avoid paying the subscription to WhatsApp, or even chains that would activate it for free, but that will never happen again, or at least not in the short term. WhatsApp has something to tell us, this time officially

WhatsApp, free for everyone and without advertising

With the slogan "Making WhatsApp free and more useful" the company has announced this interesting news. The messaging client, owned by Mark Zuckerberg's empire, has announced through a statement on his blog that will be free for everyone and will never include advertising to pay for the service on any operating system

Many wonder how WhatsApp is financed, but the truth is that this is yet to come. The giant Facebook plans for its juicy acquisition to deal with companies and banks to manage notifications to its workers and users, thus providing the possibility of paying for the service without introducing advertising

With this WhatsApp definitely announces the elimination of the cost of subscriptions that have been in place for a long time and in the coming weeks we will see how renewal prices will be phased out to make way for a "powerful and useful" messaging app totally free.

WhatsApp is now free forever and for everyone
WhatsApp is now free forever and for everyone

This is great news for the world. The truth is that Zuckerberg and his company have come up with a great solution to maintain the quality of the service and produce benefits without the users being affected We could even say that It will benefit us, since until now many banks and companies charged for text messages sent to notify us of certain things.

What do you think about WhatsApp being free forever? Do you think it's the right decision by Facebook to make WhatsApp free for everyone?

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