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The iPhone 7 would have Li-Fi connectivity
The iPhone 7 would have Li-Fi connectivity

Today we have learned new information about the next generation of iPhone. Apparently the new iPhone 7 could bring with it the new Li-Fi connectivity,a connectivity based on electrical signals.

Despite being a relatively new concept, the truth is that Apple could be interested in equipping its terminals with this technology for wireless Internet connectivity, although we will have to see what they do finally.

Connection through light

Li-Fi uses light to send data,so the iPhone could connect to light bulbs that we have at home with this technology and being able to transmit data. Obviously it would be a much faster connection but it's still very green.

The truth is that in the code of iOS 9.1 data related to Li-Fi connectivity appears, but that does not mean that Apple implements it in its next smartphones, otherwise it is possibly working on it little by little and exploring its possibilities.

The iPhone 7 would have Li-Fi connectivity
The iPhone 7 would have Li-Fi connectivity

Like everything at Apple and despite the fact that Li-Fi is still quite unknown, the possible inclusion of this technology in the iPhone 7 could be a good boost to this data transmission technology.

You have to remember that Apple already implemented at the time Apple Pay for mobile payments and then it was the rest of the manufacturers who encouraged to launch this service seeing the possibilities they had.

Will the same happen with Li-Fi connectivity? We will have to see what Apple does finally, but what is clear is that the interest on the part of the apple company is there and sooner or later we will have more news about Apple's plans with Li-Fi.

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