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Twitter is down: "Something went wrong technically"
Twitter is down: "Something went wrong technically"

Twitter is down, and the error message is that " something went wrong, technically". We do not know what is happening with the social network of tweets, but approximately since 09:20 hours this morning many users have begun to notice that it does not work normally, because at the moment of logging in, that error message

Twitter is down, why?

We don't know the reason for the fall of Twitter, because these guys still haven't made it official on their blog, and of course, They have not been able to do it through a tweet. However, they do tell us something in their error message after login that they will fix it soon.

It is curious that the index, the main page of Twitter, apparently works, but that when we log in ( we get that "Something went wrong, technically" error message. Come on, it's a technical problem. Also, they tell us "Thanks for noticing, we'll fix it and everything will be back to normal soon."

Twitter is down: "Something went technically wrong"
Twitter is down: "Something went technically wrong"

Profiles don't load, not even the timelime. The new Periscope stream section on Twitter doesn't work either. Right now we can't access almost anything, but this could change soon, at least we hope so.

We will inform you as the morning progresses about what is happening on Twitter, because right now it is one of the key social networks for information, on this cold morning of January 19th and it is not working as it should. We do not believe that it will take too long, at any moment the service should be restored to normality.

Did Twitter not work for you this morning? Take advantage of the comments to tell us about it, we realized it from approximately 09:20 this morning.

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