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HBO will launch its streaming service in Spain
HBO will launch its streaming service in Spain

HBO, one of the most popular cable television channels in the United States, soon lands in Spain and begins a direct battle with Netflix, the strongest rival in the market at the moment. At the end of this year 2016, Spain will have access to the streaming service of HBO, available through a subscription and that will allow us to enjoy the best series and movies from the channel.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, this news could brighten your morning, as the series will officially arrive directly from HBO, eliminating the waiting time that existed until now and that no doubt It will be a great competition for Netflix.

HBO will arrive in Spain in 2016

Piracy has been greatly reduced in Spain, mainly due to the hardening of the Laws. This has allowed many companies to offer a flat rate of series and movies at an "economic" price and more accessible to all users

The introduction of payment channels via streaming in the peninsula has been good reception by consumers The pioneer in Getting there was Netflix, whose subscription is among the favorites to watch the best series and movies of the moment, but it seems that another giant will soon join this vein of gold.

HBO will launch its streaming service in Spain
HBO will launch its streaming service in Spain

Before the end of the year, we Spaniards will be able to officially watch HBO directly from our homes, without intermediaries, a great joy for lovers of some popular hits such as The Sopranos, Game of Thrones or Blood Brother among many others.

The rate, which seems to be a standard for services of this type, will be approximately 10 euros, a figure similar to that our Nordic neighbors pay and that will mean huge benefits for the company, which has also signed agreements in Germany, Italy and Canada.

HBO could soon become another hit, but we will have to wait to find out if it has a reception in our country or not.

What do you think about HBO coming to Spain? Will you subscribe to the service?

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