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Bq Aquaris X5 Plus will arrive at MWC 2016
Bq Aquaris X5 Plus will arrive at MWC 2016

bq prepares new devices for the MWC 2016. After the success of the Spanish manufacturer during the past year, now they venture with an improved bq Aquaris X5 Plus and a tablet with Ubuntu.

The Aquaris X5 Plus is clearly an upgrade from the Aquaris X5, the company's first metallic smartphone with Cyanogen OS. At the moment we do not know in what aspects it will improve, but we see that this is the line to be followed by the manufacturer. A commitment to metal, a powerful hardware for the mid-range (and perhaps high-end in the Plus version) and a system that brings something more to Android, Cyanogen OS by Telefónica.

We know little else about this smartphone that we expect for MWC 2016.

bq Aquaris X5 Plus will arrive at MWC 2016
bq Aquaris X5 Plus will arrive at MWC 2016

Tablet with Ubuntu

In addition, bq prepares a tablet with Ubuntu, behind his smartphone with Ubuntu. We are talking about a Ubuntu convergent experience with PC, but on a tablet. We still don't know exactly, but will there be a keyboard on this tablet? It would be ideal to have a productive tablet with an alternative to Android We already see that these Spaniards are going for alternatives to Google.

At MWC 2016 we will see all the details of the new bq tablet with Ubuntu, of which we hardly know any details at the moment. It might take a while for it to hit the market, as it sounds like a half-finished job.

Next February we will know all the details of the star releases of bq for this first semester of the year, during theMWC 2016.

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