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The 25 Passwords You Shouldn't Use
The 25 Passwords You Shouldn't Use

Passwords are required to access our email, banks, forums and many more services. Many people use passwords that are easy to remember, but the truth is that the simpler they are, the worse they are. That's why today we're going to show you the 25 passwords you shouldn't use.

As we already mentioned, many people create easy passwords so they don't forget them and they are very common, for example, dates of birth, telephone number, car registration, etc. These types of passwords are also not highly recommended to use.

Passwords to discard

In the face of a hacker, the simplest passwords are easier to obtain quickly, as well as being the most used by many people. According to Splahdata, the most common today and that you should avoid in any of your accounts is the combination of numbers 123456,the rest of the keys that you should not use are:

  1. password.
  2. 12345.
  3. 12345678.
  4. QWERTY.
  5. 123456789.
  6. 1234.
  7. baseball.
  8. dragon.
  9. football.
  10. 1234657.
  11. monkey.
  12. letmein.
  13. abc123.
  14. 111111.
  15. mustang.
  16. access.
  17. shadow.
  18. master.
  19. Michael.
  20. superman.
  21. 696969.
  22. 123123.
  23. batman.
  24. trustno1.

We are sure you know them because they are very easy keys because they are perfectly locatable on the keyboard. As you can see, number combinations are very common and that is why many opt for this type of password, which you should never use and if it is the contrary we recommend that you change them.

The 25 passwords you should not use
The 25 passwords you should not use

Create a secure password

Creating a secure password is very easy, yes, you will have to memorize it and learn it for when you need it. Normally it is recommended to create an alphanumeric key with numbers and letters, both uppercase and lowercase, and add some sign to it.

An example of a strong and secure password would be: uFm916/[email protected]%?. You will see that letters, numbers and signs have been used and, although it is difficult to memorize, they are the type of passwords that you should use in all or almost all of your accounts.

Have you already changed your password? Do you use any of the above passwords?

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