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WhatsApp will share information with Facebook
WhatsApp will share information with Facebook

Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp didn't seem to have hurt the company, or at least it hasn't been so until now. Mark Zuckerberg's social network has always been criticized for the lack of privacy and selection of the information it offers, although this time the line seems to have crossed all borders. WhatsApp will share information with Facebook to improve the service, or at least that's what Javier Santos, Android developer says.

WhatsApp has been made free for life for all users and, although we were not sure how it would survive without any source of income, we were very happily convinced by what the company told us: that it would sell its services to companies and administrations to finance themselves, without harming the user. However, it seems that this is not entirely true.

WhatsApp will send information to Facebook, to "improve"

Javier Santos, Android developer and WhatsApp beta tester, has posted a screenshot on his Twitter account showing a new menu of the popular messaging client.

WhatsApp will share information with Facebook
WhatsApp will share information with Facebook

As we can see in the image, we find a new option at the end that mentions "Share my account info" and that details that if it is activated, will share our personal information to "improve your Facebook experience".

This has set off all the alarm bells, since supposedly the social giant does not have access to our conversations, although it could have it through our contacts, preferred connection time, locations or recent photos among many other things.

WhatsApp, as a messaging client, handles incredibly large personal information for each user, so it is not surprising that many fear for security before this type of new options. We cannot guarantee what Zuckerberg will do with this information, but the truth is that it poses a risk that not all users are willing to assume.

The same developer also leaked other news yesterday about the beta version of WhatsApp where the company could be testing end-to-end encryption, that it would improve security, but that directly collides with this new option that violates our privacy.

What do you think about WhatsApp sharing our information with Facebook?

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