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Samsung Pay will arrive in Spain with CaixaBank
Samsung Pay will arrive in Spain with CaixaBank

Looks like Samsung smartphone owners are in for a treat. The new payment system of the Korean company, Samsung Pay, will arrive in Spain through CaixaBank, with which they have agreed to create a link for a long time and that It will further boost the mobile payment technology that the bank already had up to now.

Like Apple with Apple Pay, Samsung has also introduced its mobile payment system. This new functionality comes at a key moment, where more and more consumers and banks are betting on online transactions, a convenient and fast way to make payments and collections without need to have a credit card.

Samsung Pay, in Spain very soon through CaixaBank

It seems that the technology giant Samsung has finally reached an agreement with a Spanish bank to introduce Samsung Pay, the payment system that all buyers of the brand look forward to.

Samsung has chosen CaixaBank as its private bank to carry out transactions from its mobile platform. This bank in particular already has a long way to go in the contactless and mobile payments sector, therefore it is added to the already existing platform and will be integrated to perfection.

Samsung Pay will arrive in Spain with CaixaBank
Samsung Pay will arrive in Spain with CaixaBank

With this agreement, both parties will promote mobile payment, offering consumers a simple, secure and system that is compatible with a large number of businesses, in which we will no longer have to use a credit card.

In transactions under 20 euros we will only have to place the device on the payment system, but for larger amounts we will be asked for a PIN codethat we must enter through the smartphone itself.

All these operations will be protected by CaixaProtect, which guarantees the security of payments by cards, online and mobile banking, so we will be safe using our Samsung smartphone with Samsung Pay anywhere "authorized".

More and more users are wanting to get rid of annoying credit cards and this type of payment could be the future. A convenient and fast way to always have control of our expenses.

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