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IPhone 5se, the possible 4-inch iPhone
IPhone 5se, the possible 4-inch iPhone

A new rumor, which is increasingly reliable, reaches Cupertino. Apple may be planning to create the iPhone 5se, a 4" iPhone that would fuse the components of an iPhone 5s with a miniature iPhone 6 design. Given the popularity of this latest terminal,it is not surprising that Apple wants to take advantage of its design to reach a greater number of consumers.

We have already talked about which iPhone you should choose based on your needs. Apple also knows its public and consumers well, so it would be trying to attract new sales from a sector that until now eluded it: that of those who are looking for a small terminal

iPhone 5se, iPhone 6 4"

Many buyers of an Apple terminal do not bet on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s because it is too big for them. According to several studies carried out and various surveys on this subject, the range of 5.1" to 5.5" is the favorite of many consumers, although it is not absolute, therefore that Apple would be missing out on a large number of potential buyers.

How could it be otherwise, to reach this audience, the Cupertino giant wants to add the iPhone 5se to its store, a 4" terminalwhich would meld the incredible design of the iPhone 6 along with the specs of an improved iPhone 5s Here we can see a possible prototype next to an iPhone 5:

iPhone 5se, the possible 4-inch iPhone
iPhone 5se, the possible 4-inch iPhone

The possible specifications would be the following:

  1. Processor: Apple A8
  2. Rear camera: 8 MP
  3. Front camera: 1.2 MP

At the moment we don't know much more, except that this new device could integrate NFC and Live Photos, features of the higher-end models the Cupertino store, as well as coming to us in four colors: silver, space black, gold and rose gold.

Its price? The general bet speaks of 449 dollars, which if it follows the standard Apple convention of maintaining its prices despite the currency, would be about 449 euros in Europe.

Would you buy the iPhone 5se, the possible 4-inch iPhone?

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