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7980AB, the new premium SMS for solidarity purposes
7980AB, the new premium SMS for solidarity purposes

Have you ever sent a text message to donate to social or humanitarian causes? Well, now the numbering 7980AB appears, the new premium SMS that have solidarity purposes The truth is that there are already ranges for this type of message, but now they are focused on who want to make regular contributions.

The 7980AB can be requested from the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) by organizations that need them. The letters A and B represent the specific numbers to be assigned to each companyAnd the use must be to receive donations for charitable causes, or the regulatory body could apply fines, as it did recently.

The purpose of the 7980AB is to generate a subscription, that is, we will receive SMS every so often and we will be charged for them. The idea is to collaborate with those who need it, but in the long term. The cost of the SMS has a maximum of 1.2 euros There is also a monthly cap for SMS, a total of 4, so we will never be charged more than 4, 8 euros per month.

The truth is that the idea is interesting, and we can only hope that those who use the premium 7980AB numbers are very clear about the cost involvedNo one wants surprise bills when their goal is to improve other people's lives.

7980AB, the new premium SMS for solidarity purposes
7980AB, the new premium SMS for solidarity purposes

The 7980AB, a complement to premium SMS

The truth is that the 7980AB range is not intended to replace the current numbering The 280AB and 380AB are still available, a total of 52 numbers that are used for solidarity purposes. Of course, in these cases, the cost tends to be higher (up to 6 euros), but the donation is punctual, it is not a subscription.

A long time ago we told you how to make contributions to Syrian refugees by SMS and, if you have collaborated, it is likely that you received a call from an NGO a few days after sending the SMS toHelp with a monthly fee The 7980AB precisely avoid this, since it is an amount that is deducted month by month from your bill.

So you already know the 7980AB, some new premium SMS for solidarity purposes Let's hope the system works well, and users are aware of what they hire. The issue of premium SMS has generated a lot of abuse in the past, and it would be bad for the reputation of NGOs if there were problems with these numbers.

What do you think of this topic? Are you interested in donations with premium SMS to 7980AB, or do you prefer that the fee be transferred to your bank account?

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