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A video game store expects Nintendo NX for 2016
A video game store expects Nintendo NX for 2016

The launch of a new video game console always generates a lot of speculation and expectations, especially when it is from a company in such a delicate situation as Nintendo. Well, now it's been revealed that a video game store is expecting Nintendo NX in 2016… and I'm sure you have reason to believe that!

Actually, Nintendo hasn't made any announcements regarding Nintendo NX yet, but they have promised to deliver data "soon". However, the leaks don't stop happening, recently a market research company offered very juicy data on Nintendo NX. Well, now we get new interesting details.

Gamestop, a large international video game chain (which withdrew from the Spanish market a few years ago) has carried out a very significant survey:

A video game store expects Nintendo NX for 2016
A video game store expects Nintendo NX for 2016

The question is clear, they want to know if users would buy a Nintendo console in the next 12 months What's more, they also ask about other devices confirmed for 2016, such as Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR. The Gamestop survey is very curious, because it compares Nintendo NX (of which almost nothing is known) with systems announced many months ago.

Everything points to Nintendo NX for 2016

If we comment on the rumor that this video game store expects Nintendo NX for 2016 it is because confirms other quite reliable previous leaksNintendo NX has long been rumored to be a hybrid desktop/portable platform, and all the data has been pointing in that direction in recent weeks.

Japanese investment firm Macquarie Capital Securities produced a corroborating report: Nintendo NX is a console with a portable part due out in 2016, and a desktop part due out in 2017. So the dates add up, because the Nintendo 3DS already needs a successor, but a desktop release in 2016 could cause game availability issues.

A video game store expects Nintendo NX for 2016
A video game store expects Nintendo NX for 2016

Nintendo NX, starting at $200

In fact, Macquarie Capital Securities even handles a price of $200 for the portable part of Nintendo NX. It seems clear that the laptop and the desktop can be used together, and surely they will share many services and the system to develop games. In this way, Nintendo will be able to offer a broader catalog, adapting all its titles for its two devices.

So A well-known video game store like Gamestop expects Nintendo NX for 2016 And, in light of all the evidence that is emerging, it seems very likely. Let's hope that the Japanese firm will rule on its new console as soon as possible and clear up our doubts with official details.

What do you think about Nintendo NX coming out in 2016? Do you think it is a suitable date, or too soon for it to appear on the market?

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