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New battery promises to multiply its capacity by five
New battery promises to multiply its capacity by five

Smartphones have evolved a lot from a few years ago until now. They have improved in power, RAM memory and screen quality, but one of the pillars that makes a mobile phone mobile is the battery, and not has followed the same learning as the rest of the components. However, this could change very soon, since a new battery promises to multiply its capacity by five, without affecting its size or charging time.

Batteries are one of the problems manufacturers face. Most of the time we don't complain, since we've gotten used to charging devices like smartphones always at night or at least once a day, but the truth is that this autonomy is insufficient.

A battery with 5 times more capacity than current ones

Many wonder why batteries haven't improved as much as the rest of the components of electronic devices, but the truth is that they have they have, although we have not yet noticed a significant change in them.

It doesn't do us much good to have a day and a half of battery life if you leave your laptop, smartphone or tablet lying around mid-morning, right? That half day more, in terms of energy efficiency and battery evolution is a very remarkable advance.

New battery promises to multiply its capacity by five
New battery promises to multiply its capacity by five

We have to think about the computing power that we carry in our pocket and that this entails a maximum consumption and optimization of the components. Brilliant engineering work, albeit not enough for the consumer.

To tackle this problem that affects us all, Nature magazine has published a solution based on lithium superoxide on its website, which could store up to five times the capacity of current lithium-ion batteries.

However, creating synthetic lithium in its pure form is not easy, because it is a thermodynamically unstable material, which complicates its investigation, but according to the Nature article, have managed to stabilize it using a graphene-based cathode A true revolution.

This could be reflected very soon in all our mobile devices, since they tend to be the breeding ground for many experiments of this style, and in a period of about two years, get what we demand so much, a battery that can hold a reasonable charge time and be able to forget about some accessories such as power banks.

How would you like to have a battery with five times more capacity than the current ones? Are you bothered that the battery of your devices does not last long enough?

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