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Google to give away Chromebooks to Syrian refugees
Google to give away Chromebooks to Syrian refugees

Does a refugee need a computer? It is clear that at first he has other priorities, but the idea of ​​leaving his country is to lead a normal life, and that requires access to new technologies. Well, Google will give away Chromebooks to Syrian refugees as part of a humanitarian program that seeks to integrate them into their daily lives.

Many organizations provide refugees, such as those generated by the Syrian crisis, with food, clothing, medical care and lodging. But the truth is that in a short time new challenges arise: learn the language of the host country, continue their studies or train to find a job.

That's why Google has decided to donate $5.3 million to Project Reconnect, which will be spent on Chromebook computers. Chromebooks may be very simple and not appeal to many consumers, but they are really affordable devices that have great potential for education.

So we can't accuse Google of just looking for publicity by giving away Chromebooks to Syrian refugees, because they're going to be extremely usefulThey are used to surf the Internet, and most everyday tasks can be performed reliably. In addition, its administration is very simple.

Google will give away Chromebooks to Syrian refugees
Google will give away Chromebooks to Syrian refugees

Google Chromebooks will go through NGOs

Obviously, it would not make sense to give Chromebooks to Syrian refugees without knowing if they need them or what they will be used for. That is why Google is going to give them away to organizations that work with refugees They will ultimately decide what to do with the material, always with the objective of collaborating with the integration of refugees.

For now, the program is open to German NGOs, who must apply. Google does not manage them directly, but has contributed the money to an entity called NetHope to take care of it. The goal is to use Chromebooks for educational purposes, an important need that is currently going unnoticed.

Do not forget that Google has already made donations to Syria and that, although $5 million is a very small amountFor a company of its size, they can help improve the lives of many people in a decisive way.

What do you think about Google giving away Chromebooks to Syrian refugees? Is it a good idea, or do you think it is not a priority?

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