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Facebook reaches 1.5 billion monthly users
Facebook reaches 1.5 billion monthly users

Facebook, a multimillion-dollar company and social network, has already exceeded 1,500 million unique users per month, a record number that we are sure, will not stop increasing. The creation of Mark Zuckerberg is a success and the purchase of other companies such as WhatsApp or Instagram only enriches the social platform and unify all its services in which It is the best social network in the world.

Not long ago we talked about how Mark Zuckerberg would monetize the WhatsApp messaging platform, but after knowing Facebook's financial results, it may not even be necessary, since only in the last fiscal quarter,Your benefits are around 1.562 million dollars A real fortune.

Facebook breaks records: more than 1.5 billion users

The most popular social network in the world, whose application is currently the most widely used, has achieved the historic figure of 1.590 million users unique per month, in addition to the 5.480 million dollars entered only in the last quarter of this fiscal year.

From that box, Marc Zuckerberg and his team will get 1,562 million net profits, a figure that the company itself reported in this announcement investors, and that has made many bet on his company as one of the leaders in the world.

Facebook reaches 1.5 billion users per month
Facebook reaches 1.5 billion users per month

Facebook's largest source of revenue comes from mobile advertising, which accounts for 80% of the cumulative total and is ranks as the company's best bet.

The company has been very successful among users, both as a company and as a social network, but we all hope that success will not change the course of what you are doing and also take care of details such as those of your mobile applications, improving their performance and efficiency.

What do you think about Facebook reaching 1.5 billion users? Do you deserve this success?

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