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Microsoft releases update KB3124262 for Windows 10
Microsoft releases update KB3124262 for Windows 10

A while ago we were talking about the new Windows 10 Redstone Build, but if you're not an Insider, you'll probably like to know that the KB3124262 update for Windows is now available 10, a new approximation of what Redstone will be for users who are not part of the Microsoft development program.

Microsoft made the decision not to give us relevant information about certain updates and this is a new case. The update KB3124262 has not received a record indicating exactly what has changed in this version, so only user feedback gives us a cursory indication of the changes that have taken place.

KB3124262 is now available for Windows 10

Windows Redstone is coming, and Microsoft is already paving the way. Update KB3124262 for Windows 10 is an approximation of what will be the final version of a major change in Windows 10, as well as being a junction point between Windows 10 for PC and mobile.

Despite the importance of this update, we don't know exactly what changed inside Windows 10 after installing the update KB3124262, which has once again turned users against Microsoft and its decision not to give details regarding these changes.

On top of that, this update is causing problems for users,so if you're one of those affected, you can fix the bugs now with the KB3124262 update with a couple of simple instructions.

Microsoft releases KB3124262 update for Windows 10
Microsoft releases KB3124262 update for Windows 10

However, the fact that ordinary users are not provided with details, does not mean that large companies have a similar treatment. IT admins need more information about what they are installing on their customers' computers, so it is not surprising that they do have a deeper understanding of what's in update KB3124262.

Anyway, the KB3124262 update is highly recommended, so we will have to wait for user feedback and some specific leaks for more details on what it contains.

What do you think of the KB3124262 update? Have you noticed any changes in Windows 10 after installing update KB3124262?

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