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Chrome will mark all sites without HTTPS with a red cross
Chrome will mark all sites without HTTPS with a red cross

Google Chrome wants to position itself as the best browser in the world and for this, every day, it offers users the best possible experience and security. Today, after a lot of waiting, it presents a new vital functionality: that of indicate by means of a red cross all the websites without HTTPS version This simple fact will allow us to know when a page is secure or insecure, at least initially, since the human factor is always decisive when it comes to intuiting the existence of a malicious page

Google has made many changes to its search algorithm, but one of the most important was positioning web pages with a security certificate This improves browsing safety and also gives us an extra point of confidence in the stores where we buy online.

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Google flags the fight against Internet fraud This measure, to include a red cross on web pages without HTTPS, is one more among many others with which he tries to motivate new pages and online stores to make their web pages more secure.

Security certificates provide an extra point of security in banks, shops and public administrations online, where we have to enter important data and which can sometimes be a target for hackers. There are thousands of scams online every day, so this is a very important issue

If we are told by an alert, as visual as this one, that a page does not have a secure version, especially from a store or a bank, we can react quickly and not enter our personal dataThese two entities, in addition to the public administration, never use insecure pages to offer their services, so it is a good security measure.

Chrome will mark all sites without HTTPS with a red cross
Chrome will mark all sites without HTTPS with a red cross

Until now Google Chrome only indicated with a blank page that we were browsing a page without HTTPS and with a green padlock closed when the web has a certificate. This will be permanently removed when this new functionality becomes final.

Google intends HTTPS to be synonymous with secure and HTTP for what it is, an insecure means of transmitting information. We will see how far he goes in his crusade against computer insecurity and whether or not it improves the quality of life for users.

What do you think of the red cross in Google Chrome for insecure pages?

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