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Worten will have VAT Free Day from January 29 to 31
Worten will have VAT Free Day from January 29 to 31

If you were waiting for the end of the January cost to renew your laptop, smartphone or television, you are in luck, since Worten will launch the "Day without VAT" of 29 to 31 of this month After all the excesses and sales of Christmas, the company Worten creates a new claim for consumers this end of January with sales on some star products.

VAT Free Day is one of the moments most awaited by consumers. The discount for these events could not be more interesting, since reduces the price of the products by up to 21%If you were waiting for one of these promotions, it has already arrived thanks to Worten. Do you want to know what?

Worten celebrates "VAT Free Day": January 29 to 31

The Worten chain of stores also has a lot to say at the end of the month. He wants to celebrate with all of us the "Day without VAT", from January 29 to 31, with discounts on Bq brand smartphones, televisions with Smart TV, laptops and Acer brand PCs

If you were looking for any of these products, you will like to know that they will all have a 21% discount in store and also, 15% discount on tablets, smartphones and accessories from the brand Bq Without a doubt, a discount, a perfect moment to renew that old laptop or a damaged television for one with the latest technology.

The Bq sale is available right now, but we will have to wait until tomorrow, the 29th, to enjoy the "Day without VAT" in all stores.

The promotion includes all SmartTV televisions of all brands, laptops and computers of the Acer brand and the aforementioned Bq products during the days of January 29, 30 and 31 and from their website 24 hours a day , so don't miss out and take advantage of these discounts.

What do you think of the day without VAT in Worten? Will you buy any of the sale products?

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