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YouTube adds "watch later" in notifications
YouTube adds "watch later" in notifications

If you like YouTube, surely you are subscribed to several channels. If so, you'll like this new functionality from these guys, because now YouTube gives us the possibility to add to the list of "watch later" these Videos that our subscribers just uploaded, and yet we can't see it at the moment. The new YouTube can now be enjoyed in the YouTube app and from the notifications themselves.

"Watch Later" in YouTube notifications

With this new YouTube feature, we will be able to watch the video we want later. This video will be stored in the list with all the videos that we have indicated that we want to watch later, so that we can enjoy our favorite videos when we have time.

We can see it in the following image by Rahil Bhimjiani, because now we will receive a notification of a new video upload on our Androidand we can indicate "see later" or directly enter the options, so it's great, since we'll enjoy two features instead of just one:

YouTube adds "watch later" in notifications
YouTube adds "watch later" in notifications

Have you tried the new YouTube? Remember that to find it, you must have the notifications activated If you don't usually receive notifications on your mobile when new videos are uploaded by your subscribers, you won't be able to find this option. To do this, you must first be subscribed to channels, and second, have notifications activated when new videos are uploaded.

I hope you enjoy it! If you don't see the changes, don't worry, they won't be long in coming.

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