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IPad Air 3 could have a 4K screen and 4 GB of RAM
IPad Air 3 could have a 4K screen and 4 GB of RAM

Recently we learned about the iPhone 5se, the new 4-inch model that Apple is preparing and that it could launch next March 2016. And next to it, a new 9.7 iPad is expected inches. Well, now the rumors suggest that the iPad Air 3 could have a 4K screen and 4 GB of RAM, some really outstanding specifications.

In this case, sources from the production chain are cited, indicating that Apple has ordered those components from them The battery would also be bigger, something logical to be able to maintain autonomy by raising the resolution to the screen. In any case, the idea of ​​an iPad Air 3 with a 4K panel and 4 GB of RAM is surprising, because it would be more advanced than the recent iPad Pro, the top-of-the-range model among Apple tablets.

The iPad Air 3 is starting to become necessary, because the previous model came out in October 2014. Of course, iPads are selling less and less, so it's normal for the renewal rate to slow down. But, according to the same sources that point to the 4K screen and 4 GB of RAM, the apple brand believes that it has a considerable base of customers who want to renew their previous models

So it's likely that Apple will introduce an iPad Air 3 in March but, with more battery life and a 4K display, it's not clear that it can maintain the current thinness.

iPad Air 3 could have a 4K screen and 4 GB of RAM
iPad Air 3 could have a 4K screen and 4 GB of RAM

Many rumors of the iPad Air 3

In any case, there has been no lack of all kinds of rumors regarding the iPad Air 3. The most reliable suggests that the main camera would have an LED flash. It is also said that it could bring better speakers, in the style of the iPad Pro, and that will support the Apple Pencil, the brand's touch pencil.

Other than this, you can imagine that the processor will be improved, and possibly the cameras as well. Nothing is known about whether the base model will continue with the meager 16 GB of storage. On the other hand, it is possible that in the presentation event of the iPad Air 3 in March we will know the new iOS 10, but its launch would probably still take several months.

So the iPad Air 3 could have a 4K display and 4GB of RAM For now, we're just starting to hear rumors, but surely more details will be confirmed in the coming weeks, and in March the product will surely be officially announced.

What do you think of the iPad Air 3? Do you believe that it brings a 4K screen and 4 GB of RAM, or do you think that Apple would not release a more advanced model than the recent iPad Pro so soon?

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