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Is ABC Newspaper's Windows 10 Tablet Worth It?
Is ABC Newspaper's Windows 10 Tablet Worth It?

This Sunday, January 31, the ABC newspaper is running a promotion in which it offers us a tablet with Windows 10 at a really tempting price. Lots of newspaper readers will be thinking about getting one, so let's try to find out if ABC's Windows 10 tablet is worth it Not always something to be sold cheap represents a good deal.

The tablet is from the Spanish brand Prixton, with Windows 10, a keyboard case and 7-inch or 8.9-inch versions. The first one costs us 49, 99 euros, and the second one costs 89, 99 euros On Sunday, January 31, we will get the promotional card, and then we will have to collect 24 of the 30 coupons that come with the ABC from Monday to Saturday between February 1 and March 5.

We will have to call a phone number to reserve the ABC tablet, and we will pick it up at a collaborating Carrefour store. Now, what we want is to know if the tablet with Windows 10 from the ABC newspaper is worth it.

Is ABC newspaper's Windows 10 tablet worth it?
Is ABC newspaper's Windows 10 tablet worth it?

ABC Prixton Tablet, Specifications

First of all, we must take a look at the data sheet of the tablet with Windows 10 from ABC, which is clearly very simple. Here we leave all the known details for you to consider if you are interested in getting one:

  1. Screen: 7-inch or 8.9-inch (IPS) capacitive HD resolution.
  2. Processor: Intel Atom Z3735G 4-core up to 1.83 GHz.
  3. RAM memory: 1 GB.
  4. Storage: 16 GB, with microSD slot.
  5. Cameras: 2 megapixel front and rear.
  6. Connections: microUSB port.
  7. Extras: Detachable Bluetooth keyboard case.
  8. Battery: 3,000 mAh (7-inch) or 5,400 mAh (8, 9-inch).
  9. Operating system: Windows 10.

The processor is adequate, and the displays don't look bad at all. But RAM memory and storage are very tight, battery really low and powerful Windows cannot be used properly in these conditions. Of course, the finishes of the tablet and the keyboard case do not seem well cared for, and the design does not stand out either.

Is ABC newspaper's Windows 10 tablet worth it?
Is ABC newspaper's Windows 10 tablet worth it?

How much does it cost in total?

The Prixton and ABC tablet has a supposed market price of 159 euros, which thanks to the promotion remains at 49, 99 euros, as long as we talk about the 7-inch model. The 8.9-inch model has a recommended price of 199.95 euros, and it is offered to us for 89.99 euros At first glance, it seems like a bargain.

If we are ABC readers, we can ignore the daily cost. But, if we are going to buy it to get this tablet with Windows 10, we will have to spend an additional 36 euros. The truth is quite a lot of money, because not everyone is interested in ABC.

Then we are talking about a total cost of more than 85 euros for the 7-inch model, and ofmore than 125 euros for the 8.9-inch one. Figures change a bit.

Is ABC newspaper's Windows 10 tablet worth it?
Is ABC newspaper's Windows 10 tablet worth it?

Is the ABC tablet worth it at this price?

We can only recommend the ABC newspaper tablet if you really want Windows 10 and are on a very tight budget. For everyone else, we think it's not worth it. Although the price is low, the truth is that it is not worth it.

Such a basic device does not seem suitable even for children or the elderly. Unless we really need a tablet, the Prixton and ABC model we are not going to use it It is so simple that the experience will not be pleasant, so you will end up taking dust in a corner It's cheap, but sometimes it's worth spending a little more.

Also, on such a basic tablet, we don't think it's worth including Windows 10, because it doesn't take advantage of it. Android would have been much better, easier to use, less demanding and easier to control with your fingers. If you want a cheap Android tablet, last Christmas we made a list of some interesting cheap models.

So we can't recommend the ABC newspaper tablet with Windows 10. We don't want to say that it's not good for what it costs, but it would be better if you spend a little more and choose a product that you will really enjoy.

What do you think of this topic? Do you think the ABC tablet is worth it, or do you not trust the products that come with newspapers?

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