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How to find my zip code online
How to find my zip code online

If you have recently changed your address, you may have come here to find out what your zip code is, either so that letters and packages arrive correctly at your house or simply to order food online. There are various ways to find out the zip code of an address, so let's see how to find out for free.

Postal codes group addresses to make things easier for courier services, but sometimes it can complicate life a bit if we live somewhere far from a big city or on the border between two towns. The Internet provides us with several ways to find out quickly.

Google Maps

The popular Google map manager is a safe option when it comes to finding postal codes It is true that sometimes it is wrong in some zip codes, especially on roads that are very long, with the same name and that connect one or more towns.

How to know my zip code online
How to know my zip code online

However, it generally makes a good approximation and can be a very interesting option to find our postal code online.

Web: Google Maps


The Spanish national courier service offers us what is perhaps the most reliable of all the available options, since it has an updated database with the latest populations available. It is a perfect option even for new works.

How to know my zip code online
How to know my zip code online

The search engine for postal postal codes could not be more comfortable, since we will only have to select the Province, Town and indicate the addressand number to search.

Web: Correos Postal Code Finder

Postal Codes Spain

A page that may also be of help, although n o is as up-to-date as the previous options, is Spain Postal Codes, a web dedicated to offering us our postal code according to the locality.

How to know my zip code online
How to know my zip code online

It has several ways to search, so if we don't live in an address that is too complex or newly built, you will surely find a suitable postal code quickly.

Web: Postal Codes Spain

As you can see, it is not always complex to find what we need on the Internet, you just have to know where to look and, although it may seem nonsense, it has been useful to me a very short time ago. I hope it has been useful to you as well.

Have you found your zip code online yet?

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