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WhatsApp, listen to your dog through your mobile
WhatsApp, listen to your dog through your mobile

Companion animals also have the right to chat, even if only with their owner. WhatsYapp is an application dedicated to man's best friend that tries to translate your dog's barking into our language, which will allow you to interpret what your dog wants faithful companion at all times.

Pets are part of our lives, just like any other member of our family, so it is not surprising that wearable technology is also reaching them. This allows you to know exactly where they are at all times or simply interpret what your pet wants.

WhatYapp, chat with your dog

A new messaging application has reached smartphones and no, it's not a WhatsApp version or an update with Telegram stickers, but a chat with your pet, whichwill interpret your barking according to what you need at all times


The app says translate the dog's barking into human language. Depending on the sound that the dog makes, we will be able to know what it wants: food, going for a walk or simply that you pay a little attention to it. At least, that's what he says.

The application is only an intermediary, since we will need a collar that we will place on our pet's neck. This collar will send a message to our mobile terminal every time it barks or makes a characteristic sound.

The collar couldn't be simpler, as it works similar to a smartwatch, connecting via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi It has a microphone and includes a movement sensor and GPS, with which we can always know at all times what is happening to our faithful companion.

If you want to know more about this collar and other initiatives for pets, you can visit its official page from the following link:

Web: Fetch

What do you think of WhatsApp? Would you like to have this device for your pet?

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