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Discover Amazon's Chinese New Year deals for February 2
Discover Amazon's Chinese New Year deals for February 2

The truth is that users like sales, and any excuse can be used to take advantage of one. Now you can discover the Amazon Chinese New Year sales for February 2nd This is certainly an interesting promotion, so it is worth keeping in mind if we want to save money on our technology purchases.

Amazon's Chinese New Year sales run from February 1 to February 7 in their run-up phase, and will culminate on proper 8 February, when Chinese New Year is celebrated. Of course, it is better not to wait until the last day if we are interested in something, because the discount may not be repeated during the promotional period.

To take advantage of these flash offers we must be attentive, because they change every few hours In this case, products from Chinese brands are promoted, but always with the guarantee provided by a store as popular as Amazon. Of course, we will not lack a choice in these sales.

Discover Amazon's Chinese New Year deals for February 2
Discover Amazon's Chinese New Year deals for February 2

Amazon Chinese New Year Deals February 2nd

These are the Chinese New Year deals on Amazon technology available from 6:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. February), with an additional half hour delay if we are not Amazon Prime users. Check them out:

  1. VicTsing Wi-Fi HDMI Dongle for 21, 59 euros (before 26, 99 euros).
  2. Vtin Bluetooth Headphones for 19, 89 euros (before 27, 99 euros).
  3. VicTsing DVD recorder for 31, 89 euros (was 39, 99 euros).
  4. Smartphone Cubot X11 for 130, 90 euros (before 153 euros).
  5. VicTsing Bluetooth Headphones for 19, 99 euros (before 28, 99 euros).

So now you know the Amazon's Chinese New Year deals for February 2, which we will keep updating. The large Internet store also offers other types of non-technological products, which of course we will not mention, but that may interest you. Although even the clothes are from Chinese brands!

Of course, these are interesting proposals, although not as numerous as on other occasions. Take advantage of flash sales as soon as possible, because they only last a few hours, and you could miss your opportunity.

What do you think of Amazon's February 2 sales? Does the Chinese New Year convince you, or did you expect something different?

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